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Portas Global, a truly global PEO.

Unlike US based PEO’s we do not aim to simply minimise your employer insurance costs. We aim to minimise your compliance risks and increase your speed to market when employing overseas particularly across the European zone. We provide outsourcing of employment, payroll, employee benefits management, insurance and HR functions by hiring the employee and becoming the Employer of Record (EOR) in a country where you do not have an established business.

Global Payroll and HR Consulting

Portas Global provides a global Payroll and HR solution to Employers in over 130 countries across the world.

Agile Employment Solutions

Avoid worker misclassification. Explore options when someone can be engaged as a Contractor and when they must be engaged as an employee.

Speed to Market and Prompt On-boarding

90% faster in getting an international employee operational and working.

GDPR compliant Customer and Employee HR Portal

Cloud HR to ensure compliance across the EU and adhere to Data Privacy laws worldwide.

Management and Support of Your Remote Workforce

Local advisors to provide HR support for specific Training and Learning tools, recruitment and salary benchmarking.

With the rapid growth of our organisation in recent years, the need to expand our global presence in new territories has dramatically increased. As a result, the degree of risk in terms of hiring and employment practices across international jurisdictions is also heightened. Portas Global consistently provide effective global employment solutions with a ‘customer-centric’ approach and expert knowledge which in turn has allowed us to extend our reach to the farthest corners of the world.

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Struggling to understand the power of global PEO?

We have prepared a handy infographic to get you up to speed.

A Global PEO is a unique business model as it encapsulates many different operational disciplines such as Payroll, HR, Employment contracts, Visas and local support. Understanding the benefits of working with a Global PEO as opposed to setting up your own infrastructure will save you significant costs, time and a compliance headache.

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A Little Bit About Portas Global

The core focus of Portas Global is to manage the payroll, taxes and administration of HR on behalf of our clients and the employee.

The benefits are many and, importantly for employers with an international focus, a partnership with Portas Global will enable transparency and compliance when dealing with international employment regulations.

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Why Portas Global?

Our Value Proposition

As a global PEO we will provide Employer of Record services encompassing the management and delivery of Payroll, Tax, HR and Compliance and meeting all in-country statutory obligations. With these suite of services we are suitably qualified to deliver a comprehensive, cost effective and compliant solution for your international or remote workforce.

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The Employer of Record Service includes:
Employee in country Payroll Registration with the relevant country or state authorities.
Comprehensive international HR support services encompassing generalist HR advice and management of contentious HR and employment issues.
Provision of Bi-Lingual employment contract for each country when a new employee commences.
Full Gross to Net payroll calculation of employee wages or salaries.
At source tax and social insurance withholding from the employee’s periodical payments and remittance to the relevant country authorities.
Filing of every employer related tax and social insurance contribution (Employer Costs) with the appropriate local agency or authority.
Provision of Management Information online tools and reports relating to payroll, tax withholding, contributions and other employee related data.
A GDPR compliant web portal that allows employees to complete on-boarding paperwork and employment contracts in a secure and encrypted environment.

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