The annual Northern Hemisphere rugby union championship to be played out between Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, France.

Six nations, one aim. To stop England becoming the first nation to win the Six Nations three times in a row. An ambitious proposition against a country that is currently ranked number 2 in world rugby.

In the 2017 “Global Payroll Complexity index”, Italy and France ranked as European champions across the following categories:

  1. Complexity of managing employee data
  2. Complexity of managing payroll data
  3. Complexity of gross to net calculations
  4. Complexity of Government reporting and declarations

Source: NGA HR Research

If you are based outside of Europe and have similar ambitions to stop a competitor’s winning streak or simply to break into new market opportunities, then it is important to know the statistics. Portas Global has its base in the Eurozone and we are uniquely positioned to offer your company advice and local knowledge to avoid a “contested scrum”.

Speak to us if 2018 is the year to take your business global.

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