11pm, Friday 29 March 2019. Save the date because you are about to witness a seismic divorce. Brexit.

Three divorce issues have been agreed;

  1. How much the UK owes the EU
  2. What happens to the Northern Ireland border
  3. What happens to UK citizens living abroad in the European Union and EU citizens living in the UK

There are many more uncertainties but that is where opportunities flourish. The UK economy has continued to grow, Unemployment has continued to fall and Annual House price increases have fallen but remain significantly above inflation according to ONS figures.

The global PEO model also provides an opportunity for businesses that have a global workforce that might be impacted by Brexit. In the global PEO space, as long as your employee does not have to be Head Office based then there is no reason why they need to leave your employment if they return back to their originating country.

Portas Global have a solution to help you retain your international talent and ensure continuity of employment. Just because the UK and the EU will be going through a divorce does not mean that you have to separate from your international employees.

Speak to us if Brexit is a workforce discussion in your boardroom. We can help.

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