Cloud HR

Secure and GDPR complaint technology.

A single resource for all your Global Employees

Transparency, accuracy and a single point of reference for your global workforce is possible. We use a Cloud native HR system as the main tool across all the countries in which we operate.

The Global HR portal is a powerful platform that is designed to make managing a global workforce practical, logical and compliant regardless of the size of your business or the countries in which you engage a workforce.

The portal is configurable to be multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency. This gives us a global focus and encourages utilisation of the software by your remote employees. Having a system that is “local when it matters” makes sense when managing a global workforce.

Key Features Include:

Secure self service

Approval workflows

Centralised reporting

Role based security

Onboard & Lifestyle Management

Configuration tools

Built for the cloud

Global capabilities

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