Kinectrics Inc.

Case Study - Kinectrics Inc.

When an organisation has been let down with the outsourcing and deployment of teams across the globe – and the payroll infrastructure that goes with it – winning the trust back is a tough task yet this was imperative for PEO company Portas Global.

Kinectrics Inc., a global solutions company for the energy industry, had on-boarded a company to remove the stifling work load of staff payroll for teams who had been recruited across the UK and Europe, but in a matter of months, things started to go wrong.

Errors aside, with the company expanding at a rapid pace across the US, UK and Europe, the organisation still needed a partner to manage staff placement and payroll, and importantly, to ensure that there were points of contact for staff in each home country. Portas Global’s straightforward and practical approach to global employment impressed the HR team in the first instance, with a no-jargon and plain English approach that was refreshing. Fast forward 4 years and the company’s payroll operations run like clockwork.

Bibi Laceman comments:

“There was something about Portas that just clicked with me. The company’s use of industry language, price point, and easy-to-understand action plan ticked all of the boxes and after speaking with Carlos and the team, I knew that we would be in much better hands for change.”

“We had our fingers burnt in the first instance but Portas Global has certainly shifted the goal posts for us and we wouldn’t consider going with any other provider. The team has saved us a considerable amount of time, and going forward as we expand, we’re glad to have them on board as our partner.”

Carlos Ruiz, Managing Director of
Portas Global, comments:

“This company isn’t the first organisation to have issues with other providers and certainly won’t be the last. The complex nature of our business means that we have had many similar issues and where we have had to step in to address errors.”

“That said, we were able to help turn a challenging time into one where we have been able to free up a considerable amount of time and energy for the US-based HR team and become a true global extension of their in-house HR operations.”

“They’re great people to do business with and it’s a pleasure to be their Global PEO partner.”

“It’s just so easy to do business with Portas. The response time is great, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Our overseas teams get paid on time, first time, and the tax calculations are accurate too.” – Bibi Laceman, HR & Payroll Services, Canada

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