Case Study - Senseonics

The global outsourcing of employees can be an arduous and time-consuming role, even if you do have strict processes in place and a very capable team to manage the many different stages of staff deployment.

This is something that medical technology firm Senseonics discovered very quickly when its company began to expand overseas.

With a 14-strong workforce in more than 7 different countries and a US-based head office with an experienced and qualified HR team in place, a new approach to employment in different markets very quickly became a more time-consuming role than the team could manage. That’s where global professional employer organisation (PEO) specialist Portas Global came to the rescue. A leader in the emerging Global PEO industry, one of the team’s many unique benefits is in its speed to market approach when helping companies to expand.

Jacqueline Van Der Zee, Director of
Clinical Training Outside US comments:

“Having previously worked with Portas Global, we knew of their right-first-time service, open communication and the company’s unique portal which enables us to keep up to date with everything and everyone.”

“For us, speed was very much of the essence and with Portas Global we witnessed a very quick turnaround of activities, whilst being continually updated via the online portal.”

Carlos Ruiz, Managing Director of
Portas Global, comments:

“To have such positive feedback is very important to us as a team and it’s something we strive for whenever we enter into a working partnership with a new company.”

“The Senseonics business model – where global expansion becomes too great for the very capable HR team – is one we witness a lot and we’re only too happy to step in when the time is right.”

“We value and enjoy working with the staff at Senseonics and wish the company continued global expansion success.”

We couldn’t ask for a nicer team to work with day in, day out. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the continuous liaison we get has helped the company to feel like one of us. They are a huge part of our team and our global success is all thanks to their groundwork.

– Jacqueline Van Der Zee,
Director of Clinical Training, Netherlands

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