Global employment – leave nothing to chance

by Carlos Ruiz

If you’ve been burying your head and labouring over that global employment strategy you may have been putting off for days, we’re really not surprised!

This particular area of growth for any company can be a very confusing time, and with employment law and compliance pitfalls around every corner, it’s no wonder global HR teams hand this over to Professional Employment Organisations (PEOs) such as Portas Global.

The significant difference in country employment laws, regulations, corporate registration and payroll are immense, and with confusing industry acronyms and jargon to understand, compliance can’t ever be left to chance because the consequences are far too great.

Disengaged employees, inaccurate paperwork and incorrect employee registrations not being set up correctly are some of fundamental errors that Portas Global has encountered – and had to rectify – for a number of its clients, and it’s completely understandable, agrees Carlos Ruiz, the company’s Managing Director. He comments:

If HR teams are unfamiliar with global expansion, then they need to look beyond google to find the answer to quite technical questions. Iis a minefield of rules and regulations that cannot be overlooked or underestimated.”

Global PEOs can quickly remove the headaches of setting up corporate entities overseas for the purpose of hiring talented new teams of qualified professionals or to hire local employees in a matter of weeks, with employment contracts, holiday entitlement and payroll all taken care of.  

Portas Global is here to help, clarify, support and simplify the exciting proposition of global expansion and advise on everything from handling payroll and employment compliance, to tax remittance, and other administrative and reporting tasks.

Don’t leave anything to chance, speak to Portas Global today.


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