Global talent acquisition

by Carlos Ruiz

Unemployment rates in key regions across the EU, US and Asia Pacific are amongst their lowest levels in decades, and this makes the employment – and attraction – of high-calibre employees a challenging task, whether it’s on the doorstep of home or overseas.

To combat the challenges of such a tightly-squeezed labour market, companies are increasingly expanding their search capacity abroad utilising software platforms that use complex algorithms to match skillset with role requirements. Sound simple? Think again.

Whilst this may work to a certain degree, introducing candidates from the other side of the world into the talent acquisition equation makes things a lot more complex.

For many organisations these days, expanding internationally has become less of an option and more imperative to business than ever.

But, while expansion can be a hugely exciting proposition, it can also be fraught with challenges and hurdles around every corner— especially for companies not familiar with navigating the legal and regulatory terrain of a new territory.

But with our help, you can mitigate risks and reduce your operational costs.

By understanding employee HR regulations and compliance from the outset makes for a smooth transition into each and every new country.

Surprisingly, we’ve witnessed far too many companies take compliance for granted, and then pay the price later on down the line.

Certainly, our job as a global PEO is to smooth the path for global expansion every step of the way, and ideally from the commencement of the employment lifecycle. But we’re also there to step in when something may not have gone to plan.

So, whilst the recruitment of high-calibre personnel is a very real global challenge, Portas Global can assist with facilitating your overseas expansion programme and the employment of your next team of people.

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