Downtime is an incredibly important – yet often overlooked part of the day to remain focused – but when that downtime is spent correcting errors and mistakes, and ends up occupying much of the working day, you know there’s a pretty serious problem.

This is just what Claire Davis of the Luminate Group experienced when the company first began outsourcing its Global Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) operations in 2018.

A global philanthropic organisation that helps to empower people and institutions to work together, Luminate also helps to build fair and just societies across 18 countries.

The global nature of the organisation meant that Luminate needed a specialist Global PEO partner that could help establish its teams in all corners of the globe, and organise the relevant HR, payroll and tax obligations for individuals who were working in countries as far afield as South Africa, Myanmar, Argentina and Brazil.

Having witnessed the expertise, knowledge and customer-centric approach of the Portas Global team, Claire reached out for help.

Claire comments: “We found Portas Global in an online search and after making an initial enquiry and exploring further, it was very evident to me that the team were experts in global employment compliancy and had a number of employee engagement models which could be adapted to their clients’ needs, which interested me greatly.

“I needed to feel assured that Portas Global was the right fit for me and for our organisation, and after a number of consultations, we decided to appoint the team.”

Fast forward several months and our entire Global PEO operations runs smoothly and efficiently. “Carlos and his team are responsive and provide very professional business partnering services. I don’t have to check in with them every month, but I value the regular communication with the team – something that Carlos endorsed from the outset.

“The outsourcing of our Global PEO requirements to a professional organisation means that we free up a huge chunk of our time by handing this over to the experts. And for us, that’s invaluable.”

Carlos Ruiz, Managing Director of Portas Global comments: “Luminate were very cautious and thorough in their initial conversations with us. We knew that we had to establish trust in the Global PEO model due to a sub-standard experience with another provider.”

“We were pleased to step in and retrieve the Global PEO operations in a timely manner to ensure the responsibility and accountability was diverted to our tried and well tested solutions and we were able to offer the right level of service and support.”

“It is a hugely exciting prospect for us to support Luminate with their expanding global workforce in the future and we look forward to many more years of Global PEO success together.”


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