It’s easy to get it wrong.

Communication underpins a successful relationship.

When you manage a global workforce – clear and open lines of communication are the key to success.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to communicating with your global teams.

  • Email comes as naturally to us as a hand-written note, yet sometimes, the way a sentence is drafted can be misconstrued by another person, a phrase can be taken the wrong way, or one two-many exclamation marks can be viewed as being down-right rude when it’s not meant that way. We all have different styles of written communication but it’s important to integrate them with the technology we have at our fingertips. Skype and Zoom are great tools for face-to-face meetings, even from opposite ends of the globe and there’s no substitute for talking on the phone either. We live in a fantastic age of communication so use it all wisely to keep your teams informed and engaged.
  • Whether you have one individual working in Europe or several people across Asia, distance shouldn’t be a barrier for communication. In fact, wherever your teams may be, making them feel as though they are working in-house is essential to beat that isolation feeling that so many remote employees have.

How? Ensure working hours fit around essential weekly team briefings and Skype or Zoom them into the boardroom so everyone knows who’s who. Daily contact is essential, even for a quick update and check-in with that person overseas – whether that’s by phone, conference call, email or even WhatsApp. Slack is a great option for teams to talk work and small talk too – remember if it’s all work and no chitchat, that person is going to feel isolated if their peers don’t know the ‘real’ them.

  • Face to face team meet ups every quarter will provide an opportunity to get to know your global workforce and evaluate performance. It will provide a platform for feedback but importantly, a great way to cement a strong working relationship

Growing a team globally is an exciting prospect and a great opportunity to open up into new markets but ensuring that your remote employees are happy, content and feel engaged in the output is absolutely critical.

To learn more, please download our Guide to Global Employment or contact us for more information on how we can help you.


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