Through years of experience in the outsourced employment industry (PEO) we have collated many ideas and suggestions to help your business expand abroad.
Global remote employment – Strike while the iron’s hot

As businesses around the world are forced to reassess their priorities due to the COVID-19 landscape, one of the silver linings for employers is the opportunity to reset and reinvest in building the type of culture that will attract new global talent. Portas Global Managing Director Carlos Ruiz believes employers will be judged on how […]

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Employment outsourcing – Reasons to do it.

In a world where remote working is at the core of HR and Talent Management strategies and technology keeps us more connected than ever, HR leaders are increasingly turning to outsourcing solutions to simplify global employment and venture into new markets. So how does employment outsourcing work, and what are the benefits? Leverage the power […]

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Why the world is now your office

There’s no denying that the last few weeks have brought a great many changes to our personal and remote-working lives. For some, the practicalities of remote working have been a breeze to adopt, for others, however – and three weeks into the coronavirus lockdown - it can still feel a somewhat unnatural and uncomfortable environment. […]

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Portas Global: Seven common HR questions answered:

In a new spotlight for us, we take some of the most common questions we’re asked by HR professionals ahead of working with our clients…and answer them for you. I’ve been tasked with growing our team overseas, where do I even start? The most important consideration is “does the business need to have a permanent […]

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The rise of the global remote workforce

This year Portas Global was to be attending multiple remote workforce summits, conferences and “Nomad” seminars around the world. There was a good reason for this. During the last twenty years, there has been an explosion in the number of companies shifting their recruitment strategies to focus on remote workers. Survey released last year stated […]

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From termination to dispute – minimise the damage.

The hiring of a new candidate is an exciting prospect that can help an overseas venture to prosper and new candidates to thrive. But if not executed correctly from the outset, a good candidate with the right skills, attitude and motivation could bring unforeseen consequences should a termination turn into a dispute because the process […]

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Global holidays – are your teams up to speed?

Holidays, vacations, breaks. Whatever word you use to describe this particular time of year - when many people take leave for some well-deserved down time from work – if you’re an employer of people here in the UK or have a growing global workforce, there can still be a number of unknowns that go with […]

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Reasons to outsource to Portas Global

When outsourcing your employment, you get the best of both worlds. Your desired candidate in your chosen country, employed by a local specialist. The Global PEO market is growing at an unprecedented rate for obvious reasons, it works. If your business has global expansion ambitions then we are a viable, fast and cost-effective solution. Portas […]

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Global employment – leave nothing to chance

If you’ve been burying your head and labouring over that global employment strategy you may have been putting off for days, we’re really not surprised! This particular area of growth for any company can be a very confusing time, and with employment law and compliance pitfalls around every corner, it’s no wonder global HR teams hand this over to Professional Employment Organisations (PEOs) such as Portas Global. The significant difference in country employment laws, regulations, corporate registration and payroll are immense, and with confusing industry acronyms and jargon to […]

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Global talent acquisition

Unemployment rates in key regions across the EU, US and Asia Pacific are amongst their lowest levels in decades, and this makes the employment – and attraction – of high-calibre employees a challenging task, whether it’s on the doorstep of home or overseas. To combat the challenges of such a tightly-squeezed labour market, companies are […]

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Global Workforce Expansions

Planning ahead to avoid the pitfalls Over the past few years we have worked with many companies that have embraced global expansion of their workforce to promote their products or services. By working with HR business partners, C-level management and company directors, we have gained valuable insight into the discussions being held around corporate boardrooms. Having […]

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DIY vs Outsourced Employment via a Global PEO

Saving money is important in business, but sometimes a cost-cutting mindset can actually get in the way of making the most efficient employment choices.  It may seem obvious that doing something yourself is cheaper than outsourcing but often that is a false economy when it comes to employment decisions for expanding your global workforce.  The DIY option There's […]

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When employing staff overseas what can possibly go wrong?

Whether your company is ready to litmus test its product or service on the global market or you have decided to add to your global workforce footprint in the not too distant future, hiring and managing a remote workforce doesn’t come without its headaches, pitfalls and frustrations, especially if you’re attempting to do it yourself. […]

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The Global PEO solution during a Transition Service Agreement arrangement

Transition Service Agreements(TSA’s) are often an integral part of asset-based M&A transactions. If the seller is expected to continue to provide services to support the post-closing company, the parties to the transaction enter into a Transition Services Agreement. TSA’s can range from short, back-office administration services agreements to comprehensive service agreements. Whichever is the case, […]

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