Why do workers across Europe take as much as an entire month off?

July and August are the key months of the year for many European-based businesses to either wind down, or completely close operations for a prolonged spell over the summer to enjoy and take full advantage of family and leisure time.

Whilst this is a tough fact to grasp, this long-established practice of collectively taking off part of July, or most of August is ingrained in old manufacturing sectors, yet the practice of downing tools during summer has now spread well beyond this.

In such industries as retail and finance, the practice of a shut-down seems driven more by habit and the social acceptance of holidaymaking, more than by business logic.

If you’re a business trying to employ a local national during the summer and in Europe’s key countries this can become deeply frustrating.

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Key country closures:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain


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