Global expansion can be a little like jumping into a pool for the first time. Fear of the unknown.

You know you absolutely want to do it – the water looks fresh and inviting, there’s no one in your way, and once you’ve done it you’ll wonder why you stood on the side for so long. But still, there’s that element of anticipation (or fear) that stops you from making the leap when you’ve given yourself that all important countdown…5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

In business, you may be still there on the side just looking in – that’s okay. Or you may have started swimming already – great. But if you’re lingering and don’t quite know when, or if, you are ready to make the leap globally, then Portas Global, leading specialists in global outsourced employment, are a safe pair of hands.

Certainly, expansion plans can be a risky yet rewarding strategy for 2020, but before you plunge headlong into new waters, enlist the support of our experience as a global outsourced employment specialist.

We can help you achieve your international ambitions and provide you with the peace of mind of employing a remote global workforce. We can offer local experience coupled with the know-how to handle the global mobility needs of any customer.

Five reasons why you might be ready for global expansion:

  1. You have a sound business model that has been working well in one country, with demand for your product or service outstripping supply. You want to expand but don’t have the local expertise or employees to do this.
  2. Enquiries have already started coming in from global markets but you don’t have the local employees or infrastructure to carry out the work. When it comes to employing a global and remote workforce, where do you start?
  3. Your net profits have grown year-on-year enabling you to gain some funding to facilitate expansion – but what to do first and where is a question we often get asked?
  4. Globally your market or industry sector is growing and in-demand, rather than stagnating meaning that there’s real potential for expansion. You can be certain that your competitors are ready to go even if you’re not.
  5. You have spotted a gap in the market in certain countries for your product or service – or more importantly, there is key talent that is not readily available to you back home. Having the skill and know how to grow is hard work when you’re on your own but the opportunity doesn’t go away just because you’re not sure what to do.

Importantly, tackling such issues as market considerations, standardisation of products, rules and regulations, investment and, of course, language and cultural differences all have to be given serious consideration before any possible expansion plans.

Furthermore – and where many businesses get it wrong – is the thorough understanding of financial, legal and HR compliance and regulatory issues, and this is where we help to pick up the knowledge gaps to mitigate any further damage to an organisation’s internal procedures.

Workforce expansion overseas is much more than just making an investment outside of your home market – the very concept includes understanding how your remote workforce will be managed, what is the best technology to enable seamless communication abroad and of course that promotes team harmony and inclusivity. Don’t assume that just because your business is a success at home it will work overseas. Planning the expansion is vital from the outset.

For a start, it would be wise to meet potential customers where they are, find out their needs – and enlist the help of a global outsourced employment specialist, who can help you prepare to go to market. To maximise opportunities, first get to know a customer’s pain points – and work back from there. We have a solid reputation for identifying such problems and then providing the solution. But it is also a question of identifying the challenges that face a potential customer and finding the way to overcome such obstacles.

Different companies have different reasons for seeking international expansion – whether it’s seeking investment opportunities, diversifying, reduction of operational costs or acquiring resources.

If the business requires that you come up with a cost effective and timely solution to help expand the global employee footprint then you are not alone. We can give you insight based on our experience in helping other customers achieve similar goals. Remember, you need not be on your own.

If you’re interested in talking global expansion and taking a leap of faith, then give Portas Global a call on 0115 888 2268 or download our guide to global expansion here. For peace of mind, you can safely put your trust in us.


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