When outsourcing your employment, you get the best of both worlds.

Your desired candidate in your chosen country, employed by a local specialist.

The Global PEO market is growing at an unprecedented rate for obvious reasons, it works. If your business has global expansion ambitions then we are a viable, fast and cost-effective solution.

Portas Global has been working with international companies and HR leaders across the world in the capacity of global HR and payroll specialists.

Technology is at the core of our delivery service but nothing beats the human interaction element because essentially, we deal in human outcomes. Get that wrong and your talent attraction and retention strategy, payroll and benefits benchmarking or cloud-based recruitment technologies are next to useless.

There is an underlying theme in all our discussions with customers about why they outsource to Portas Global.

  • Reduced capital costs
  • Speed to market entry
  • In country compliance (taxes, social insurances, benefits management)
  • Employment risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive professional insurance coverage
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost transparency
  • Commercially viable alternative
  • Comprehensive support in a foreign jurisdiction
  • Ideal to litmus test the market without ongoing financial commitments

In short, our Global PEO services are designed to provide your business with an agile, comprehensive and cost-effective global employment solution, and that’s just what we do… very well.


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