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Simplifying Global Employment

So, you want to expand overseas and employ staff?

You can do either of the following;

Option 1

Do It Yourself

Timeframe: 2-6 Months

  1. Engage an accounting firm for corporate and employment tax consultation
  2. Engage a legal firm to prepare company incorporation documents and HR contracts
  3. Appoint local Director’s
  4. Incorporate your local entity
  5. Register for local taxes
  6. Register for Social security insurances
  7. Source professional insurance (PI, PL, Health, Workers Compensation etc, etc)
  8. Open a local bank account
  9. Find premises and set up the business infrastructure
  10. Make sure your candidate hasn’t found another role because of having to wait for all of the above

Option 2

Contact Portas Global

Timeframe: 2-6 Weeks

Contact Portas Global and discuss your requirements with one of the experts today and take your business global!

Our Global PEO services are designed to provide your business with an AgileComprehensive and Cost effective global employment solution.

Avoid the hassle and contact us today to discuss your situation.

Contact Portas Global On:

+44 (0)115 888 2268

Global HR Consulting

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Country Coverage

We’ve worked all over the world with many different Employers, Educational Institutions and Staffing Agencies. Our experience in dealing with the unique regulations of different countries and our ability to offer comprehensive and compliant advice and solutions sets us apart from the competition.

To see the countries in which we operate or have operated simply hover over the relevant continent on the map.

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