As an industry leading EoR, we will facilitate a seamless outsourced employment experience to ensure a successful employee integration with the rest of your distributed teams.

Global Employer of Record experts

Absolute Peace of mind. Easy to say but harder to do. As businesses continue to adapt to new ways of operating remotely and managing their global distributed teams, Global EoR’s have proven to be an invaluable resource to facilitate this change. Global remote employment was already on the rise but the pandemic of 2020 has accelerated this and changed the world of work forever. Undoubtedly, Global EoR’s provide a comprehensive and agile business solution for businesses across the globe.

Driven by the demand of employers seeking solutions to the increasingly complex business of remote global employment, Payroll, Tax and HR compliance, the Global EOR industry will continue to see growth at an unprecedented rate. Working with us you can rest assured that we will give you Absolute Peace of mind.


As a specialist Global EoR, Portas Global will enable your business to smoothly transition to this new world of work.

With our global network of offices and business partners, Portas Global can deliver a timely and cost-effective remote workforce solution for your distributed teams in a country where you do not have an established business entity.

How it Works

The EMPLOYER of RECORD business model poses many questions around liability, responsibility and accountability. Our aim is to ensure that we are the right fit for your business. In the first instance we will consult with you to understand your specific requirements and timeframes and assess the best model to deliver our services.

Ultimately these are employer and employee arrangements so there will be some important terms and conditions for you to consider so that the EoR model remains accurate, timely and most importantly, compliant.

We charge a one-off payroll registration fee, a flat monthly management fee as well as Employer Costs. The Employer Cost applies across all jurisdictions and is payable by the employer whether you use an EoR or not. It is based on a percentage of the monthly salary and covers local employer taxes and social insurance contributions. These vary from country to country and you will be made fully aware of these costs prior to commitment to our Service Agreement so that you have full cost transparency. Generalist HR consultation and advice forms part of our management fee however, via our Global HR consulting managers, we can also assist you with contentious HR issues.

  • “The outsourcing of our Global PEO requirements to a professional organisation means that we free up a huge chunk of our time by handing this over to the experts. And for us, that’s invaluable.”
    – Claire Davis, Head of People Operations. - Luminate Group, United Kingdom
  • "For us, speed is very much of essence and with Portas we witnessed a very quick turnaround of activities, whilst being continually updated via the online portal."
    – Senseonics
  • "It’s just so easy to do business with Portas. The response time is great, and nothing is ever too much trouble."
    – Kinectrics
  • "Portas Global consistently provide effective global employment solutions with a ‘customer-centric’ approach and expert knowledge which in turn has allowed us to extend our reach to the farthest corners of the world."
    – Juan Mackinnon, HR Generalist, Genius Sports
  • “Portas Global are extremely reliable, helpful and highly responsive. We are always confident when working with Portas that we will receive the information or help that we need every time.”
    - Karen Fennessy, HR Generalist, Teckro

How Does the Process Work?


The Global EoR service provides many benefits, however, ultimately this is an employer and employee relationship.

Employee engagement and management

At all times you will retain the management of the employee and control over all aspects of their roles, targets and performance management metrics.

Support and Guidance

Portas Global will provide support and guidance to ensure the employee engagement remains compliant in the country in which they work.

Portas Global manages the employee registration in each country.

On-boarding/Off-boarding, local employment contract, salary payments in local currency, social insurance payments and management reporting based on your requirements.

We provide professional insurances as part of our management fee.

Employers and Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance are included as part of our management fee.

Manage your timeframe expectations

In most instances we can on-board employees on to our local payroll in less than 2 weeks.

We provide agile business solutions

We have the versatility to utilise various compliant international employee engagement models (Permanent and Fixed term contract) that will suit the job role requirements.

We are your Global Compliance Partner

We mitigate your compliance risks and tax penalties as we are responsible and accountable for making payments and managing this for the employees.

How We Deliver Our Service

Underpinning our delivery since inception is experience.
Add industry knowledge, leading technology solutions, multilingual staff and an immense desire to deliver a successful outcome for our customers means that you can be confident that you are speaking with people that understand the nuances of employing a global remote workforce.

Industry knowledge and expertise

Depth of industry knowledge and expertise including specialist internal infrastructure comprising:

• In-house legal and compliance professionals

• International payroll specialists

• Industrial and employee relations subject matter experts

• Insurance and taxation specialists

International Payroll

• We provide Employer of Record services in over 85 countries

• Specialist Service Delivery centre with headquarters in the United Kingdom

• Calculations and processing of payroll, tax and social security deductions per employee per country

• Periodical lodgement of payroll and tax information with the relevant country authorities

HR consultancy support

• Comprehensive HR consultancy services

• Web based HR portal for on-boarding of new employees and employment contract completion

• Benefit management specialists

• Web based client reporting

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