As a Global PEO working with HR professionals, we have learned one important fact, our service is collaborative. Everything begins with a conversation and when we begin working with our clients to help drive a global expansion strategy, we’re always asked many questions.

I have never heard of your service before. How can you help me expand my team globally?
How do you add value to my business?
Why can’t I do this myself?
What are the risks of using a Global PEO?
How will you support us as we continue to expand the business?

All are important questions and we are happy to answer them because transparency and trust is key to a successful working relationship. But, before selecting the right partner to work with, it’s important to us that you get to know and understand our business model so that you can make a truly informed decision about how to grow globally, or even tackle a particular employee challenge.

You may have heard of us already or the concept of a Global PEO may be completely new to you – whichever it is, we have developed a solid reputation as being one of the most trusted global outsourced employment partners of choice for organisations around the globe.

We firmly believe that executed correctly, global expansion can be an exciting prospect, but so often we know that the complexities that come with it can leave even the most experienced and ardent of HR professionals perplexed and not knowing where to start. For HR professionals, sometimes business expectations can be unrealistic. Our aim is to make it achievable for you.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to manage and deploy a remote workforce or you may still be burying your head when it comes to rolling out newly implemented and agile working practices but it didn’t go to plan. If either of those scenarios ring true, it’s time for a new approach and find a global outsourced employment partner that’s right for you.

We’re confident that could be us. As a highly specialist team of individuals, we’re proud to be leading the global employment transformation of many different organisations in a multitude of countries across all continents.

Our services

There are four core elements to our business, all of which have been developed to help HR professionals at different stages of their global business expansion programme to employ a remote workforce.

Outsourced employment (Global PEO)

Effectively managing the demands of international employment and all of the complexities that come with a remote workforce can sometimes be overwhelming for one person to manage alone. Employment, payroll, tax and HR compliance must be executed correctly the first time and that pressure alone is often a good reason to outsource to a partner that specialises in those disciplines.

As a Global PEO, we will relieve much of the administrative burden of employing a remote workforce in a foreign jurisdiction, and our service will positively impact your bottom line due to the significant start-up cost savings whilst allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business activities.

Global HR consulting

If you already have an established staff presence in another country or even in multiple locations across the world, employment compliance, dismissal and termination procedures, disciplinary and performance management issues can occur. Our consulting service acknowledges that no business is immune from difficult situations and we can advise you across all stages and support you through the entire employee engagement lifecycle.

Global payroll and local statutory compliance

Like HR, payroll has increasingly become a strategic element of any global business. It’s no longer just about getting the employee paid correctly and on time. It is about removing any factors that can impede employee retention or simply to give them a reason to look at other options. Remote working is about flexibility and employees are embracing this change in their droves. Great. But what about making sure they are being paid accurately and in accordance with local regulations? Just because the employee is based and being paid overseas doesn’t mean your obligations to the tax and social security authorities in that country is different to your local employees. We take care of all the compliance.

Secure Cloud based HR

In May 2018 GDPR levelled the playing field for global PEO’s. This was a good thing for all parties involved. It meant that we had to review our systems for exchanging and retaining employee personal information and in the process, we came up with a better workflow. Whether it is to upload personal employment information, request leave approvals or business expense claims, or simply download a pay advice slip, our secure and compliant HR Portal works for the employee and for our clients. This is one less HR consideration that is taken care of when you work with Portas Global.

Who are we?

Like all HR professionals, we know and understand the pain points that come with global expansion and as a team of individuals that work closely with our partners, we ensure a seamless service from the moment we begin working together.

Our ethos is based around trust, transparency and simplicity for you. But no shortcuts or loopholes. We remove the tricky elements of employing a remote workforce during your phase of business expansion.

When you know better, you do better – and with us as your global outsourced employment partner, you’re #insafehands.


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